Does eating Hoddy's encourage dogs to chase game in the outdoors?

As responsible and loving pet owners, it is important for us to consider the sustainability and ethics of our choices. When it comes to feeding our dogs, Hoddy's food containing pheasant (and the new wild venison version!) can be a helpful option for those wanting to provide quality British-sourced food into their dog's diet.

While some may argue that feeding my dogs pheasant kibble can encourage them to eat game pheasant in the field, I disagree. My dogs are well-trained and understand the difference between the food they're allowed to eat in a bowl in the kitchen and what they shouldn't touch outdoors. 

They understand that retrieving game is not an easy meal option.

How does this food impact the game population?
We support conservation efforts and prevent wastage by opting for dried kibble made from ethically sourced game meat. This small change can make a big difference.

Together, we can make sustainable choices that support both our dogs and the world around us.

Joanne Perrott
Founder of The Ladies Working Dog Group