Become an ambassador for Hoddy's

With competitive commission rates and a product that resonates with dog owners with eco-conscious values, ambassadors can enjoy substantial earnings while promoting a product they can genuinely endorse and believe in.

Packed full of health benefits

We believe that a natural diet helps fuel a healthy life. That's why we avoid any artificial flavour, preservatives, colouring or synthetic nutrients. Hoddy's is 100% natural, grain free, hypoallergenic and further enhanced by added vitamins, minerals and prebiotics. Making Hoddy's a complete and well balanced dog food.

Commission Structure

Ambassador rewards

You will receive 10% commission on each new customer's first year of sales, then 5% for Year 2 & 3. So you earn money from the moment a new customer makes their first purchase, on every sale, for up to 3 years that they buy from Hoddy's.

How it works*

The example above shows an ambassador who refers 10 new customers per year, each buys 1 x 12kg bag of Hoddys each month, over a 3 year period. Just think what that could look like if you recruited 100 customers. (One ambassador is close to that already!)

Ambassador support

It can be hard to convince someone to change their dogs food, so we provide our ambassadors with free samples and product info they can share with people who are genuinely interested. We also have preprepared banners and graphics that you can share on social media or in your blogs.

New subscribers will also receive a bonus of a FREE dog bowl.

Come and join us

We partner with individuals, businesses, charities and associations. All you need to be approved is a passion for providing healthy, sustainable and nutritious products for your dogs.