The food you provide your dog is fuel for everything they do including growth, development, work and exercise.

High quality diets tend to have more nutritional value, hence you may need to feed less per day which means the cost of premium foods, such as Hoddy's, is often lower than you might expect. 

The nutrition demands of your dog are affected by:

  • Breed
  • Exercise levels
  • Weight
  • Life stage
  • State of health
  • Neutering status

So with that in mind, the below table can be used as a useful starting point to determine how long your 12kg bag of Hoddy's will last and how much it will cost per day.

It might be less than you thought.


Please note the weights above are based on average weights from breed society guidance. The suggested portion sizes should be used as a guideline only, do adapt all feeding to the requirements for your dog based on the variables as mentioned above to keep your dog in a lean and active condition.

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