Hoddy's In a Nutshell

Hoddy's is a Premium British dog food for working and active dogs. 

  • Made from sustainably sourced Wild British Pheasant or Venison
  • A medium sized kibble with a 50% meat content, suitable for Dachshunds to Wolf Hounds
  • High in protein
  • Only natural ingredients
  • Fish oils
  • Grain free
  • Added vitamins & minerals to perfectly support dogs nutritional needs
  • Prebiotics for gut health
  • Proudly made in the UK

Hoddy's was founded in 2020 by Mark Hodson who was looking to create a convenient yet quality dog food using wild British protein sources that may otherwise go to waste.

See quotes below from happy hoddy's dog owners'

"My dogs are usually out working four days a week and therefore need a substantial diet. Feeding Hoddy's they are full of energy and their coats are superb and always receive glowing comments. I have also been able to cut the amount of food by quarter. We are delighted to have found Hoddy’s and can highly recommend it."

"Raffi our 1 year old working cocker, loves the stuff. She is not normally fussed about food but Hoddys has been great as a treat for training and she loved it as a meal. We are fans of the story behind and the greener impact of this food being sourced in the UK."

"We've switched to Hoddy's and not only does he absolutely LOVE it but there is no more dog breath, tummy trouble or room clearing toxic farts! He no longer needs extra oil supplements as his coat is so soft eating Hoddy's alone."

"Lola the Italian Spinone is very fussy and for most of her 11 years has had raw meat (from frozen). After the briefest of dirty looks, she wolfed down her Hoddy’s and is now a definite convert. Great use of a potentially wasted food source of the highest quality."

"Teal has always been a fussy eater, always reluctant to eat and previously would go for several days without eating. Since switching to Hoddy's his eating habits have transformed. He now actively asks for his meals and happily eats it as soon as it is put in front of him. He's also lost any fat he had and is now leaner, fitter and even more active."

If you'd like your dog to sample a bag of Hoddy's for your dog please visit our shop here

If you are part of a dog community, be it an agility group, working dog community or training school we can send you a box of samples to share with your doggy friends to spread the word and biscuits! just email us at munch@hoddys.co.uk