Life long passion

Hoddy’s was founded in 2019 by Mark Hodson, a lifelong and passionate countryman. Not content with persuading us to eat more game through his acclaimed Journal - Talking Game, Mark decided it was time our canine friends also ate a little more game. And so Hoddy's was born. The idea was simple - create a 100% natural dog food using wild game, which might otherwise go to waste.

UK game is almost exclusively consumed by humans, but often in a way that can be wasteful & unsustainable. The breast meat of pheasant is prepared and presented, with the legs and bones struggling to find an outlet. Haunch and loin of venison are valued, yet the trimmings are not. We take the undervalued meat and turn it to good use.

Hoddy’s takes this discarded protein and combines it with duck, peas, sweet potato, carrots and other natural goodies to create a nutritionally balanced, grain-free and hypoallergenic dry dog food suitable for all adult working and active dogs.

After rigorous testing and lots of perfecting Hoddy’s released its first recipe, Hoddy's Wild British Pheasant, in March 2021. Following the wonderful response received, and the fantastic feedback from owners across the country, we are delighted to announce the launch of our second game recipe.

Hoddy's Wild British Venison adheres to the very same sustainable principles as Hoddy's Wild Pheasant. Using venison trimmings, that are unsuitable for human consumption and that would possibly have gone to waste, we have created a protein rich, all natural, complete dog food.

Like our Pheasant, the Venison we use is wild, not farmed. Wild British Pheasant and Venison are local & sustainable sources of protein that are not only good for our dogs, but their management in the countryside beautifies and enhances our landscape and our national biodiversity.

By choosing Hoddy’s you are not only feeding your dog a healthy and complete meal you are also helping to reduce food miles & food waste.

Thank you for your interest in Hoddy’s and please don't hesitate to get in touch if you would like to know more about us.