Mark Hodson tribute

I first met Mark when he was enthusiastically launching the Talking Game journal.

It was pioneering, getting industry figures and internationally acclaimed chefs to sing the virtue's of eating game.

After one of these passionate calls, we started talking about other uses of game and he let me in on his idea of creating a dog food using the parts of the Pheasant they were often discarded (even by the most loyal game eaters).

At that time I worked in the shooting industry and I introduced Mark to our local game dealer and that was that, or so I thought….

Fast forward 2 years, the beginning of lockdown, Mark called me, “WE'VE DONE IT!” he exclaimed.

He went on to explain that over the last couple of years since we’d last spoken, he had left no stone unturned in the UK game market market and had met with all the pet food manufacturers, resulting in him working tirelessly to perfect a recipe that not only uses waste pheasant but that is also a stonkingly good dog food.

It had been signed off by pet food nutritionists and given the golden stamp by the pet food industry god's. Green for go! 

However the timing was not ideal given we were in a global pandemic, but he was never one to let such things get in the way. His enthusiasm was infectious!

In February 2021, after much brand development and website tinkering, Hoddy’s was finally launched to the UK market. 

As you will know, since then it has continued to grow from strength to strength and just as we were getting in our stride, in the Autumn of 2021 Mark was diagnosed with a form of lymphoma cancer. 

As proven, he was never one to be deterred from his mission and despite various rounds of treatment over the next 18 months his infectious passion for Hoddy's continued. 

Launching us onto the show circuit, into hundreds of shoots and creating a second flavour, Venison. Made again from wild, British and sustainable game, to reflect his passionate enthusiasm for using undervalued game meat.

Sales and awareness of Hoddy's continued to grow not just within the field sports world but also in the wider pet food industry. Hoddy’s was good and dogs were agreeing!

Heartbreakingly in January 2023 Mark lost his battle with cancer. Something which has hit us all very hard. Someone who was so positive for life was taken too soon.

However, Mark's spirit and creation lives on. Even in his final days he was telling us all to create a new cat food recipe too! Encouraged by his family, Hoddy’s will live on and continue to supply dog food to your favourite pets.  

So Hoddy's continues to grow and we even attended Crufts this year. Cementing our place in the world of dog food. Product development continues too and we will continue to grow from strength to strength with Mark never far from our thoughts.

We thank our current customers for the support, more over the past couple of months than ever. The Hoddy’s team shall continue to provide your four legged friends with many more feeding times to come.

With love from the Hodson Family and Amy


Marks talented nephew has wonderfully updated the Hoddy's logo to include this wonderful silhouette of Mark and his much loved labrador Peggy. A fitting tribute to this true country gent.

Mark Hodson Hoddy'sMark Hodson Hoddy's


A charity auction to raise fund in memory of Mark for The Royal Marsden Hospital