Why grain free?

Hoddy's is protein rich and grain free. When we created our kibble we weighed up the benefits of grain free and decided that was the way to go for us.

Grain free diets have grown in popularity as they better reflect the diets of wild wolves who don’t eat grains. As domestic dogs are descended from wolves, a grain free diet is more similar to their ancestors. While going grain free is just a preference for some pet owners, some dogs have an intolerance or sensitivity to grains so a grain free diet can be particularly beneficial for these animals.

More than that, grain free diets can improve digestion, help with constipation, and lead to a more compact/firmer stool. Other benefits you might notice include improved coat quality, better skin condition, more energy, and less gas!

By avoiding grains it also allows us to add other, more nutritious, ingredients as well as more meat to give a higher protein content. We’ve chosen potato and sweet potato as a healthier alternative to grains. They’re known as complex carbohydrates and are higher in fibre and digest more slowly than some other carbohydrates, causing a gradual rise in blood sugar levels over time rather than a sugar high after eating. This is good for your dog’s weight management, satiety, and for regulating blood sugars.

We think this all adds up to grain free being a brilliant choice for our dogs, helping them live happy, healthy and active lives.