Are you hunting for a nutritious, delicious and sustainable complete dog food produced with wild British game?

Try our wild new flavour

Our new flavour uses wild British Venison and other quality natural ingredients including Duck and Peas. Developed alongside a pet nutritionist and produced in the UK.

Pheasant is a firm favourite

Hoddy's wild British Pheasant complete dog food is made from high quality natural ingredients and fortified with vitamins, minerals and prebiotics to nurture good health.


All dogs deserve a hearty meal. Hoddy's has a high protein content and is made from only quality, natural ingredients.


Find out about our commitment to making better use of British game. 

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No more room clearing farts!

We've switched to Hoddy's and not only does he absolutely LOVE it but there is no more dog breath, tummy trouble or room clearing toxic farts!
He no longer needs extra oil supplements as his coat is so soft eating Hoddy's alone.

Daniel T Spaniel


If it's good enough for Aisby Gundogs...

My dogs are usually out working four days a week and therefore need a substantial diet. Feeding Hoddy's they are full of energy and their coats are superb and always receive glowing comments. I have also been able to cut the amount of food by quarter. We are delighted to have found Hoddy’s and can highly recommend.

Tony Bowlby
Aisby Gundogs

Fussy Eater Converted!

Teal has always been a fussy eater, always reluctant to eat and previously would go for several days without eating.

Since switching to Hoddy's his eating habits have transformed.
He now actively asks for his meals and happily eats it as soon as it is put in front of him. He's also lost any fat he had and is now leaner, fitter and even more active.

Edward M

It’s 100% worth trying your dogs on Hoddy's!

My two spaniels loved Hoddy’s, one in particular can be quite fussy but she didn’t hesitate in emptying the bowl and even looked for more! I personally love how sustainable Hoddy’s is being sourced and made in the UK.

Holly Mills - The Coach House Veterinary Clinic

Dogs loved it

Lola the Italian Spinone is very fussy and for most of her 11 years has had raw meat (from frozen). After the briefest of dirty looks, she wolfed down her Hoddy’s and is now a definite convert. Great use of a potentially wasted food source of the highest quality.

Robin O’Kelly

Hassle free change

My 3 spaniels loved the food woofed down the meals in the briefest of moments, usually having to be so careful with food types hoddys was a definite winner with my boys with only positive effects, 5 stars! you have to try this!

Nick Weston

Conquering kibble

We have a labradoodle and a Dachsund - both are incredibly fussy and will only eat kibble is mixed up with some form of wet food. Not now, thanks to Hoddy's. Thank you so much, makes life so much easier and they literally wolf it down - must be the pheasant! What a revelation.

Rupert L

Big fans here

Raffi our 1 year old working cocker loves the stuff. She is not normally fussed about food but Hoddys has been great as a treat for training and she loved it as a meal. We are fans of the story behind and the greener impact of this food being sourced in the UK. Thanks

Tom Cliffe

Happy Briard

So happy our Briard has found Hoddy's. For a big boy he has a sensitive stomach and so far the natural and hypoallergenic ingredients seem to be agreeing with him.

Colin Mc

Make Way For Hoddy's

My slightly out of control Cockerpoo has unsurprisingly become more obedient with the temptation of a Hoddy's biccie used as a treat. She loves them and I love the ingredients.

Serena Fremantle

A most particular dog

Otto, a 10kg hairy Jack, has since weaning four years ago stuck resolutely to the Royal Canin recommended by his breeder. His handsome nose has been turned up to all substitutes proposed. Thus, when the Hoddy's sample arrived, my expectations were borne out by the first filling of the bowl: no interest whatsoever. So I topped up with Canin and went to bed. In the morning, no Hoddy's in the bowl, just Canin. Bingo. With all the other benefits of Hoddy's, we're going game as soon as we can.

Mark Dawson

I only want Hoddy’s dry dog food mum!!!

We have Libby the (very picky!) Cockerpoo deciding she doesn’t like kibble and normally picks it out of her bowl! We have wasted so much money buying packs and ended up giving them away. We tried Libby with Hoddy’s and no sooner was the packet open, the food was gone! Fab to see and obviously a first class product! Thank you, will definitely be buying more!

Julie McQuillan

Happy spaniel & JRT

Our Spaniel rapidly scoffed her Hoddy's totally as expected... but our Jack Russell - normally a cautious, slow and fussy eater - surprised us all with her eager enthusiasm! Perhaps something to do with the soft texture as well as flavour. This delicious food is now her favourite... highly recommended!

Chas MK

Paws up for Hoddy’s

With pheasant as the main protein source, it’s certainly tasty, which my dog loves. I love the ethics and quality ingredients. Great to see such a quality, well thought out dry dog food.


A great feed

Bit of feedback for you - our dogs are completely obsessed with Hoddy’s! They usually leave their food and graze slowly all day however with yours they wolf it down immediately then try to climb the cupboards to get more. Great stuff 👍

Jonny L

A kibble above the rest

Our spaniel Meg wolfed down her sample before we could get it in her bowl, great concept for a dry dog food, we will certainly be ordering more!

Mark Matcham

Hoddy's is a winner

Such a great idea to use the waste from pheasants, and better still, Isla our adored cocker spaniel, absolutely loved it. This is a huge plus as I much prefer only giving her dried food as the vet has said it is so much better for her teeth.

Emma Taylor


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